A Mother's Rant: June 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Time together

Clifford was here for a week. It was mostly great. I hated the fact that I couldn't get last Friday off and spend more time with him, but other than that it was really good.
He wore his dress whites to church. A lot of heads were turned, it was fun.
It was great having all of my children home at the same time, if only for a short time.
I have decided that in some ways I can hardly wait until the Celestial Kingdom. No more separation, no more being away from each other.
Love to you all.

Monday, June 05, 2006


I am scheduled for July 3rd. Happy Independence Day to me!
I'm not really worried. I suppose I am in a way...I'm not sure really. I know that it's not a big deal. It's the "good" kind of skin cancer. I have not told my mother yet. I know that she will be all worried. I may not even use the "C" word at all with her. But she's not stupid, so she will figure it out probably.
Richard is going to take that day off work, which will be fun, because then he will be off for the 4th too. But the good news is that I get to visit a plastic surgeon. Maybe I can talk him into a little nip and tuck...something around the eyes maybe.
Love to you all.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Life is good or at least nothing bad

Okay, so it has been a while since I posted anything here. I think because nothing much is happening. I mean nothing interesting. I suppose that that's a good thing. Because if I had been run off the road while riding my bike to work, then I would have something to write about. So, it's a good thing that I don't.
No one has commented about my picture. The Viking Mother! Isn't it grand? Jeanette helped me to get it posted.
I do have an appointment with a surgeon finally. But it is going to take four appointments to get my "mushroom" (Loradona's word for it) taken care of. I'm not sure if that is four in the same week (which is what I believe), or four a week apart.We shall see.
Love to you all.