A Mother's Rant: March 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pass on a nugget of knowledge

As a mother I'm sure that I have passed on many nuggets of knowledge. The one that comes to mind most recently was a year ago when I visited Jeanette and helped her to make a skirt with her new sewing machine.It was a fun bonding time for Jeanette and I, and she felt very accomplished.
The trip to see Jeanette was the first time I had ever driven to Salt Lake by myself. I spent two or three days at the Family History Library. I would love to go back and spend a week or two at the library.
Jeanette and I also went to the Lion House for lunch one day. After we ate lunch we went out of the lunch area and there were these stairs. They didn't have a rope or a sign saying we couldn't go there so we went up the stairs. It was cool, with the old fireplaces and mantles and antiques everywhere. There was an old piano and Jeanette was about to plunk on a few keys when I said, "Don't, I'm not sure we are suppose to be here without an escort". A few minutes later we were heading down a hall to see another room when this woman comes out of a closed door. She said, "May I help you?". We said we were just looking around. She informed us that this was NOT open to the public and we could tour the house next door. We didn't feel bad, after all nobody had told us that we couldn't, and there was no sign or anything. It was fun.
Love to you all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My 50 Things

I was online this evening and I found this site:
It has 50 things to do in your life time. I decided to copy some of them and add them to a list of things I would like to do. Some of the ones they suggest I have no desire to do, so I didn't include them. Some I have done (like the one on this blog entry) some I have not. I will write about each one (or at least that is my goal).
Watch the sun set and rise
I have not done this on the same day, which they don't require at all. But I have many times seen the sun set at the beach. I love that time of the day, it just seems so peaceful and beautiful. Knowing that we are watching the sun go away and someone, somewhere is watching it rise. I have often said that before I die I want to see the sun rise on the beach.
January of 2010 I was able to watch the sun rise at the beach. We were visiting Clifford and Jill in Japan and I asked if we could go watch the sun rise. Clifford was very hesitant to get up that early to watch the sun rise. But he wanted to please his mother so off we went one dark cold morning. What we were surprised at were the number of people that were there to watch too. It was wonderful and beautiful and the Japanese people apparently thought so too.
Here is a picture I took on that day:
Love to you all.