A Mother's Rant: August 2005

Monday, August 08, 2005

My Crazy Day

My day started pretty good and then when down hill from there.
Jeanette and I went to Sara Greenwood's to help her pack (they are moving to New Mexico). I was suppose to call Ellen to cancel tennis and I forgot. Then we went to pick up my mom for her doctor appointment and I couldn't find the cell phone. Jeanette had it last. We went to the doctors and apparently we were an hour late. I thought it was 10:50 and it was 9:50. They worked us in, but that meant more of a wait. Afterwards we went to lunch, fairly uneventful, the BLT was good.
I was waiting for my light to turn so that I could turn left and it is an unprotected light. So after my light turned green I hesitated to see if the car opposite me was also turning left. I started to go and Whooosshh a Suburban came through the intersection. We were almost Suburban food.
When we got (safely) back to my mom's house the neighbor came over to say the the police had been there just a few minutes before looking for her. Apparently the lady (Della) that calls her everyday called the police when she wasn't there. So, when I got home there was a message for me from the Della and the sheriffs office. Before I called them I called the cell phone, it was in the car all along. In the compartment on the door where you keep the maps, Jeanette must have dropped it there. Oh, well.
That was my crazy day, nothing really bad, just crazy.
Love to you all.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Smoking KILLS!

Why is that people smoke? Honestly if you can answer that I would like to know.
Smoking KILLS millions of people every year world wide, yet it is just considered a "life choice", not the evil thing that it really is.
And what is it with smokers that think the world is their ash tray? All the time I see people throwing their cigarettes out the window of their car or just throwing them on the ground. People that probably would never throw trash out their window, yet they throw their cigarette butts out the window. Why? I really would like to talk to some smokers and know the answers.
In other news (somewhat related) my mother is in the hospital again. She has pneumonia this time. She may come home today, but I doubt it.