A Mother's Rant: November 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My birthday

My birthday celebration started on Thursday the 9th. Debbie and Linda at work gave me coupon for a 1/2 hour massage. Then Shanna came in and gave me a bag of goodies (not food). It had earrings, necklace, lotion, sunglasses, gloves and maybe other stuff that I am forgetting. Then Richard brought me lunch (Wendy's salad).
Friday morning we caught a Max train to downtown and went to the art museum where we saw an exhibit on ancient Egypt. Very cool. It even had a mummy! Afterward we went to lunch at a new little Italian place near Super Dogs. I had a seafood salad that was WONDERFUL!
On Saturday we drove to Corvallis to have dinner with Loradona at McGraths. Loradona gave me the CD Wicked (it's wicked cool - ha ha).
Sunday, my actual birthday Richard made me breakfast of pancakes and sausage(yum). In the evening we had the one grandma over for dinner. After which I opened two more presents. The one from Mom had a cook book holder that matches my napkin holder also some lotion soap that she has that I like and $ to buy me something. Then I opened the one from Richard it was a....(drum roll) DIGITAL CAMERA! How cool is THAT!
Then yesterday I went shopping with my birthday money and I got a pair of plum cords in a size smaller than I've worn in a LONG time. I also got a sweater that is really pretty, but I'm not going to try and describe it because it will just sound stupid and it's not, it's really pretty. I also got a VERY impractical pair of pointy toed boots (not long, short like you would wear with pants), but they are really comfortable so that was surprising.
Fun times.
Love to you all.