A Mother's Rant: August 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Education Week

Last week I went to Education Week at BYU. It was fantastic, I loved it.
I was looking over my notes and trying to come up with some wonderful insights that I discovered. Most of them are just notes to myself, that may mean nothing to anybody else. But there was one class by Michael Wilcox that was really good. I will try and share some of it here.
As part of his class (which was Applying the Ancient Scriptures in Modern Settings), he talked about abuse of women and if a woman has been abused how can she find something in the scriptures for her. Then he quoted in Jacob 2:35 (problem) and then Jacob 3:1 (solution or in this case comfort). I thought it was wonderful how such a modern day problem could be helped by scriptures.
The week was full of insights into the scriptures and modern day prophets. I LOVED it.
The other great thing about the week was staying with Jeanette and Kyler. You'll have to ask Jeanette and Kyler, how Kyler tried to seduce me ;)
Love you all.