A Mother's Rant: October 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Jelly Bean

With a title like that you would think that I am going talk about my favorite Easter treat. No. I am introducing you to my grandbaby: Jelly Bean: Due May 21st in Japan. Yes, Clifford's wife Jill is expecting! Fun stuff!
Love you all.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fidgety Fingers

My apologies go out to Clifford. I used to get on his case for having fidgety fingers. I have discovered that he may have got it from me.
My whole life I have bitten my nails. In the last few months I have had my nails done, so I am unable to bite them. What to do with my hands and fingers now that I don't bite my nails? Well, I do a lot of drumming and the like. But basically my fingers are fidgety. I don't open and close the remote (I'll write about that in a minute), but I find that my fingers like to stay busy.

The remote: Clifford used to open and closer the cover of the T.V. remote (where the batteries are), which is why all our remotes have rubber bands around them to keep them together.
Lately our T.V. died. We took it to a recycling place and paid them to take it off our hands. We did not take the remote with it. When I found the remote (with the rubber band on it), I said to Richard, "Ah, this makes me think of Clifford" he said "Throw it away!" I said "Maybe we should put it on the wall in his room next to his cub scout shirt". Richard came into the front room and took it from me and threw it in the trash.
We still have the VCR remote with the rubber band on it.
Love you all.