A Mother's Rant: April 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I wish I knew why I get so frustrated and stressed. I just feel like there is too much to do or something.
I took my mom to the doctor today to have her hearing tested. "How did that go?" You may ask. After going through Wendy's drive through to get myself a chicken sandwich and eating it in the car on the way, I got to my mom's and put her wheel chair in the car along with her portable oxygen and the oxygen that is attached to the wheelchair. We drive through traffic along T.V. Hwy and BeavertonHilldale Hwy (Auuugg, need I say more?) We got there with about 10 minutes to spare (not bad). My mom can't find her Kaiser card, this makes her mad and grumpy, but not the Kaiser people, they are nice and friendly. We go in to see the Audiologist and she can't do the test because her ears are plugged with wax (lovely picture, I know). So we go see a doctor, he tries but can't do it either. She has to have drops in her ears and then an appointment to get her ears cleaned and then an appointment to get her ears tested. The only appointment I could make was on a day I'm suppose to work. I'm not looking forward to that conversation.
I thought I would redeem the day by going to the Reedville Cafe and my mom and I could get a piece of keylime pie. I was very disappointed. The crust was so tough that I had a hard time cutting it with my fork and it just wasn't that good.
So that was my frustrating day. I hope that yours was better.
Love to you all.