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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Grow something

The next one of my 50 things is "Grow Something".
Over the last 40 years or so I have had some successes and some failures in the grow something category.
One plant I have had for over 30 years is a shamrock plant. I got the start from my Grandma Houk. I'm not sure where she got her start, but the point is, I've had this plant for 30 or more years. When my youngest daughter, Jeanette (named after said grandmother) got married she wanted a start of that plant. As luck would have it my mother-in-law (MomMay) had a shamrock plant too, also given to her by her mother. So I took some of mine and some of MomMay's plant and planted it in the same pot. If you look at the picture of Jeanette above in the cute skirt she made with my help, you will see a plant in the window. That is the plant that Jeanette has that is from plantings of two of her great-grandmothers. Pretty cool.
Love to you all.



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