A Mother's Rant: December 2009

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Maybe I am late to do this post, but you know what they say, "Better late than never". Although what my dad used to say was, "Better never late". I don't think that it is ever too late to be grateful. So here goes.
First and foremost, I am grateful for my wonderful husband. He is very loving and understanding of my and my foibles. He has been and continues to be, a wonderful father to our three children. A truly honorable man in every sense of the word.
I am thankful for my three children. They have made such good decisions for there lifes that I am amazed that I have been given the opportunity to be their mother. They are always an example to me.
One of the decisions that two of my children have made is in spouses. I am so grateful for the son and daughter-in-law that I have. I don't think I could have chosen better (although I tried). What great kids, all five.
I am thankful to have a job. I know that I am very blessed in this as a lot of people don't have jobs, even temp jobs like this one. I am thankful for the kids I work with, they make me laugh every day and my heart melts more everyday that I am with them. I am really going to miss them when school is out.
My home. It's not much, but it is ours. It is very comforting to know that this house is ours, not ours and the banks'. I am glad that I had a husband that planned for the future. In a time when I wanted a bigger house he saw the wisdom of keeping our modest home.
I am sure that there are lots more that that I can write about, but for now that will do.
Love to you all.

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