A Mother's Rant: News from Pensacola

Monday, February 20, 2006

News from Pensacola

Clifford called on Saturday. Richard spoke to him while I was at work and then he called again after I was home and I got to talk to him. :)
Here is the gist of our conversation (I take notes, otherwise I would not remember what he said).
His drill competition went well. He said they got 103 out of a possible 112. It takes 102 to pass, but Clifford said that the highest points ever are 104.5, so they did well.
He is now in "Combat Zone" which he said is a move up. He has new roomies, one of them is the LDS guy that he had previously met.
He played the snare drum for the recent OCS graduation.
He should get liberty next weekend. Assuming no one "screws up".
I think he called me from his cell phone (or maybe he just has a phone in his room that is "his" phone). When I asked "Are you using your phone?" He said "Yes Ma'am..I mean Mom". It was pretty funny and I heard laughing in the background. I said, "Who’s laughing?" He said, "My roomies". Pretty funny :)
He has been fitted for his dress whites (choke collar) and dress blues (with a bow tie). These are both only used for special occasions I believe. They will be the first class this year to graduate in Whites. He will be wearing his dress blues later for a dinning out experience. It will be a test on etiquette and how to act at fancy dinners.
When he is done with OCS he will NOT be doing any recruiting duty, either here in Oregon or in Atlanta. Apparently aviators don’t do recruiting, they like to keep an eye on them. So, he will be hanging around Pensacola NAS. He will report every morning at 7:30 am and they will tell him they will see him tomorrow.
When I asked him which was harder OCS or boot camp. He said that the consensus of those that have done both is that OCS is harder, but that the perks that you get are better.
The REALLY exciting news from our side is that we bought plane tickets to go to his graduation. I’m really excited.
Love to you all.


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