A Mother's Rant: Clifford: My Officer Candidate

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Clifford: My Officer Candidate

I just talked to Clifford. He called later than last week. Last week he called about 7:15am or 0715 and this week he called about 3:00pm or 1500.
I told him that I had just been looking at a website that Jill had sent me. He said that she had told him about it and that before he went in she knew more about OCS than he did. The website is:
I told him that I was glad that I hadn't read that before he had "Indoctrination Week". He said that Saturday of Indoctrination Week was the worst. So, by the time I talked to him last Sunday, he was already through with the hardest part.
I asked him how he was doing, and he kept saying fine, but I knew differently. So I asked him how his spirit was and he said "Hungry". But he is able to read his scriptures everyday. He was not able to go to Church today. He said that it was a crazy day and he didn't have the chance.
He is not "Secured" so he can not go to church by himself. Today a new class of OCS started their Indoctrination Week, so it was kind of crazy.
On Saturday (coming up) he will have a drill competition. I'm hoping that all those years of marching band will pay off ;)
This Thursday is inspection. They have been getting their uniforms ready. They have been ironing and stamping their names on their uniforms. The khaki the Liberty Whites and the Winter Blue.
He said that he sent a letter, so you know I will be checking the mail box for that letter. :)
He said that there were three other LDS people that he has met. The one guy in his class that he met last week and some others that are Ensigns.
When I asked about the Chow Hall Procedures, he said they were "Goofy". But you can't laugh otherwise you will be "Looking at the grass outside the Chow Hall" (Doing pushups).
He is the "Class Laundry Body". He has a policy that he doesn't collect the "unmentionables".
There are 35 people in his class. 5 of them are girls. When I said "Wow, that's not very many girls". He said "Mom, I just came from Georgia Tech".
When I asked about his roommates he said that they were "Fantastic". The are all Enlisted men. So they nicknamed him "Rookie" they call him "Rook" for short.
I asked him where his roommates were from, "All over" was his reply. I asked if there was anyone from the Northwest he said that there was one guy from Northern Idaho. That's about it.
Love to you all.


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Yay! It is good to hear news.


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