A Mother's Rant: Blessed

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I have been contemplating lately on how blessed I am. I have a husband who is truly a good man. He has been a good father and provider for 28 years, and I surly do appreciate him.
I have three wonderful children who continue to make me proud to be their mother.
This weekend was Stake Conference. I was standing in the back of the chapel and watching our stake president greeting first one person and then another. Sometimes a child, sometimes an adult. But the thing that they all had in common was the fact that their stake president loved them. You could tell by the way he turned his whole attention to that one individual. Then I realized that he loved me too, and what a comforting feeling that was.
I am truly blessed.
Love to you all.


At 5:21 PM, Anonymous jeanette said...

And you make President Dalton cry! But that's okay. I love you, and I'm glad you are proud of me.
I love you, Mommy


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