A Mother's Rant: Dreams

Friday, April 03, 2009


I had a couple of weird dreams last night. I wanted to blog about them before I forgot.
Dream #1: We were all excited because I was going to pick up my baby. Apparently we have adopted a baby. This is not back in time, it is currently. Both Richard and I are very excited to go get this new baby. So we get the new baby and bring her(?) home, I am guessing she is about three or four months old. We have a crib for her, mainly because as I tell someone I wouldn't let Richard get rid of it. The baby is a really good baby and never cries. I breast feed the baby, even though I'm pretty sure I never gave birth to her. After I change her the first time and she needs new clothes I tell Richard that he'd better go up in the attic and get some clothes or we will have to go shopping. Oh and all of this is at my Grandma Houk's house, like that is where we are living.
Dream#2: I borrow my parents boat (yeah, they have a boat) and go to wherever Clifford is (I don't think it is Japan). Loradona and Jeanette are with me. The boat, by the way is really nice. It has sleeping quarters, galley etc. So, as we approach where Clifford is we get buzzed by a helicopter, and yes, it is Clifford. But later when I am talking to him about it I tell him I thought he was going to decapitate us, I am not happy. But it is fun to talk to Clifford and have the girls with me in my travel adventure.
Love to you all.

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