A Mother's Rant: The Parable of The Lost Camera

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Parable of The Lost Camera

On Sunday Loradona mentioned some items not to forget on our trip to Utah next week. Among those items was my camera.
I could not find it anywhere. By biggest worry was that it was left somewhere and I couldn't even remember where that place would be.
So, I looked in all the normal (and not so normal) places. Could not find it.
Then I cleaned off dressers, under the bed, the desk, the CORNER in my bedroom...NOTHING.
While I was talking to Jeanette I thought, "I need to take everything out from behind the desk, (it is where I keep some of my art work) and see if it is there". So after I hung up from Jeanette I looked behind a box that was between the desk and the wall. And clear back in the corner (shoved back by the box apparently) was my camera, safe and sound in it's case.
It's just like the coin the the biblical story, only modernized.
I also found a First Tech CU pen - in orange!
Love you all.


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