A Mother's Rant: Here we go again

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Here we go again

I really hate it when a salesman of any kind tells me, "This deal is only good today, tomorrow the price goes up". So when Sears came to give me an estimate on new cabinets and counters for the kitchen and then ends with a statement close to that one, I am immediately put off. But what happens the next day? Someone from Sears calls and says that they have a deal that they can make us if we let them come again. I let them come again, but I'm not sure I like their tactics. Just give me the stupid estimate and be on your way. If I like your style or price or both I will choose you, otherwise forget it.
This is why with the bathroom I just went with the guy that came first.
There is another guy that is coming on Monday to give me an estimate that can do more than Sears (construction stuff that Sears doesn't get into). So we shall see what he says.
If I survive this next level of remodel it will be a miracle.
Love to you all.


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