A Mother's Rant: Wedding Plans

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wedding Plans

I wish I could go online and find a blog that would give me an update on the wedding plans. Sometimes I feel a little out of it. I know that the wedding gown is coming a long (I even have a vague description, but I can't say anything because Clifford could be reading this). I know that they are getting the invitations soon and will start addressing them when they get them (I should be working on the addresses rather than be here, actually). I know that they have a Southern Plantation to have the reception at. (Ashley, Rhett oh which one will dance with me at the reception?). I guess I know a lot of what is going on. I am very excited!
I really should be thinking about the Engagement Party. It is happening in four weeks. FOUR WEEKS?!!!! I gotta go.
Love to you all.


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