A Mother's Rant: Health Care

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Health Care

I want to say up front that I am a registered Democrat. Not that I agree with everything that is said by the D's, but I have to be registered as something and the day that I registered (on or near my 18th birthday), my mother took me to the closest place to register. They asked me "Democrat or Republican" (I don't remember if there were other choices, there may have been). I answered "Democrat". My mother was outraged, "How could a daughter of mine...". Our country was at probably the worst time in political history for our country. President Nixon had resigned and all that Watergate stuff (in case you are too young or don't remember, Nixon was a R.) . So I decided that Democrat was it.
Now Health Care. I happen to believe that HC should not be a privilege. A person doesn't choose to be sick or unemployed or underemployed. Yes, we all know exceptions.
Why should a person that say, slipped carrying groceries up their apartment stairs, put off going to the doctor because they know that it will cost them a months rent?
For those who say it will take away your "Freedom", I say that is a fear that is not based on reality. We will always have freedom to go to any doctor we choose, if we have the money (which most of us have). But where is the freedom for those whose only choice is the emergency room? They don't get to choose a doctor and they may not be even able to choose care of any kind.
I've heard it said "Let the churches help people more". No church I know will pay for chemo or a mammogram. And the "private industry"? I know that some doctors do a lot for the poor. But they can't and shouldn't be asked to do it all for free. Some people have said to me "Private sector is much better at taking care of the poor and needy than the government", that may be true if they are hungry or need clothes or even a place to sleep. But when it comes to HC the "Private Sector" (whatever that is) has done a poor job of taking care of the neediest. The government on the other hand, has done a good job with the Veterans Administration for veterans and Medicare for the elderly. Are there problems? Of course! Can changes be made to benefit those programs? Yes!
Now if we could be like Jesus and just heal people, that would be wonderful. But how about we try and be like Jesus and take care of everyone, and not be a respecter of persons.
Thank you for listening.


At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're welcome! I don't know how the health care debate became all about party lines and socialism. It makes me sad that we're getting divisive rather than getting together and figuring out how to make things better.


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